Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

So, here's what we did this weekend. I've tried to provide links to most of the spots or things that I mention, just so you can get a sense of things.

Friday evening, we went out for pizza at Johnny's Pizza in Decatur with some friends and had a good time. Unfortunately, Johnny's doesn't serve beer. :( We walked on up around the square and stopped at Mick's, where we had some Sweetwater 420 before heading home.

On Saturday, we went out to the completely overwhelming Brandsmart to buy appliances for our kitchen re-model. It's this very loud, very bright, gigantic appliance warehouse kind of place. Fortunately, we had met this nice salesman, (Gerry Padilla, if you're ever out there), who, along with Consumer Reports, helped us find the appliances we wanted. BTW, Consumer Reports is $4.95 a month for online access and has been really helpful to us.

On the way back from Brandsmart, we stopped at the "Mercado del Pueblo", near Buford Highway and North Druid Hills and got tacos, which were very good. Being in the Mercado is a trip, as it is in the heart of the Latino district on that part of Buford Highway. The tacos are $1.50 each and you can get Campechana style (beef and chorizo), chorizo, and various types of beef (lengua, cabeza, barbacoa, etc). BTW, cabeza is not really "head", it's more like the cheek meat from a cow. Lengua really is tongue. It took a little bit of explaining to get Emily a bean and cheese only burrito. Julie also got a Mexican cake that was very good, although not as sweet as the girls would have liked.

Last night, we picked up Elena's friend on the way to drop Emily off at a party way over in Chamblee and then we ate Malaysian food for dinner at a place called Penang. I decided to be adventurous and got the Saran Burong: "Shaped fried taro stuffed with shrimp, chicken, corn, snow peas & black mushroom topped with cashew nuts". It was really good, but taro is an acquired taste, I think. Julie got some noodles that were really terrific. After dinner, we came home and watched a movie called "In America", which was not really to my taste, but had some charming moments.

Today, we bought groceries at Your DeKalb Farmers' Market and at Trader Joe's. Emily came back home just in time to have a bunch of friends over to watch "Freaks and Geeks"; Elena and her friend Annie headed out early this morning to a coffee place, where Elena met another friend who invited her to church, so she went.

I spent this afternoon trying to move files from one computer to another and doing some work-related stuff. For us, this was a busy weekend. Looking back over this, we appear to be food-obsessed. :) Oh, wait - I also tried two new beers this weekend: Brooklyn Brown Ale, which was very good. I also had a beer called Cream City Pale Ale, which I really liked. Both of these were available at the Decatur Package Store, which stocks a great selection of beers. So, I guess I'm not totally food-obsessed. :)

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