Tuesday, August 28, 2007

In case you have Office 2004 and need to read Office 2007 files...

Here you go.

http://tinyurl.com/2df8gx will lead you to the file on Apple's site. It's a time-bombed beta that expires on Dec. 31. The output file is in RTF format. It's capable of handling batch conversions, as well.

Sometimes, people ask what kinds of computers and software I use and recommend. Currently, I do almost all of my work on a 13" Macbook with 2GB of RAM and the stock 80GB disk drive. This is really a terrific machine. At work, I use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a ridiculously large Dell monitor. For mail, I use Entourage (we have Exchange at work) and I generally use Microsoft's Office products. My favorite browser is Firefox (by a huge margin) and my favorite mail program is Thunderbird (for a local mail client) and GMail for web-based mail. I use vim for text editing. Firefox, Thunderbird and vim all run on all three OS's that I use. Python, the language that I pretend to program in, runs on all three OS's as well. The cross platform office suite that I use is OpenOffice, although almost of what I need to do could be done in Google Docs.

On the Linux side of the house, my favorite desktop distro is Ubuntu and my current favorite server distribution is Centos 4.5. If I use Windows, I use XP SP2. Most of my time is spent on the Mac with terminal windows open, either pointed at our servers or at a virtual Centos install running inside Parallels. The homepage for my browser is currently netvibes and I post all my interesting bookmarks to del.icio.us. You can see a "cloud" of tags on the right side of this blog page.

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