Friday, December 05, 2008

Encrypting data stored on USB key

Interesting approach to encrypting USB keys. The device is $70 for a 1GB key. It self-destructs if you fail to get the password in 10 tries. It offers at least basic functionality on Mac, Windows, Linux - the Windows version is the best-supported, of course.

IronKey Personal

The IronKey Personal is a revolutionary personal security device designed to protect your data, passwords and online identity on any computer.
Hardware Encryption for Bullet-Proof Security

All data stored on an IronKey is encrypted with high-speed military-grade hardware encryption. Unlike software-based encryption, this "always-on" protection cannot be disabled and is protected against cold-boot and brute force attacks. No one can access files stored on an IronKey unless they authenticate with the correct password. All encryption and password verification is performed in hardware - and cannot be disabled by malware or a careless user.

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