Sunday, October 07, 2007

My new bike - first big trip - YDFM

I just got a new commuter bike. It's a Breezer Villager and it's the first nice bike I've had in a long time. The folks at Bicycle South were great to deal with and did a good job setting me up with the bike. This bike has all sorts of technology in it: internally-geared (no dérailleurs) seven-speed Nexus hub; suspension seatpost, rim-powered dynamo lights, built-in rack, fenders, and mud guards. It's an aluminum frame and feels pretty stiff (at least to me). The bike weighs in the low 30's.

Last night, at a neighborhood get-together, I met someone who told me how to get to the PATH trail to Stone Mountain, so I gave it a shot today. I got to the trail, but instead of going on the trail, I turned up Ponce and met up with Julie at "Your DeKalb Farmers Market", our home away from home. After we shopped, I rode back.

When I got back, I wanted to figure out how far I went. I found another of the many great applications that's being built off of Google maps. It's called Gmap Pedometer, and you can see it here: It's a really nice way to describe your route by navigating the maps (I used the hybrid view) and double clicking at each waypoint to map your route.

Click on this link to the map from my trip today. I love stuff like this. It's amazing to me (and I know that it shouldn't be) that it's possible to do this sort of thing. As it turns out, I went a little more than 11 miles.

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megan said...

Wow! 11miles. I am impressed!
Sounds like fun. Enjoy your new bike.
I loved seeing the girls dressed up for homecoming- they both looked so beautiful!